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Find an advisor

The advisors must be selected among the 4 recruiting universities, AMU, UAM, SUR and ULB. Co-advisors must be selected among the 10 universities listed on the Partner Universities section (recruiting universities + associated universities).

It is not mandatory to select an advisor from this database; this search tool is meant as an assistance to candidates, but you may contact potential advisors from the four recruiting universities who are not on this list. Please visit the research centers links.

Note that for AMU and ULB, only one contact person per research institute is listed, who will assist you in finding a supervisor that matches your research subject. Use the CIVIS3i contact form to request assistance.

When contacting a potential advisor, CIVIS3i recommends that you present yourself, attach your CV including links to your online academic profiles (which should be updated), indicate what is the reason for your contact, the fellowship programme name (mention it is a Horizon 2020 Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions COFUND programme) and website, your tentative title and an abstract if you have one ready, and why do you think this researcher is the best fit for your project. Add also what is required from the advisor (eg, contribution to the proposal preparation, typical postdoctoral supervision, duties during the fellowship such as progress reports, etc). You may indicate that if this researcher is currently not available to supervise you, you’d be grateful if she/he could recommended colleagues suitable to supervise your research. Kindly ask for a reply and indicate the maximum reply date ("please kindly reply by XXX"). Please translate the email into the language of the country (eg, French if you are contacting a researcher from AMU) and include also the English text at the end of the message.


Aix-Marseille University - Mediterranean Institute of Oceanography, MIO
Scientific area : Environmental and Geosciences (ENV)
Expertise : Oceanography, marine science, coastal engineering,Biogeochemistry, biogeochemical cycles,Environmental chemistry, environmental forensics,Pollution (water, soil, sediment), rehabilitation and reconstruction of polluted areas, clean technologies,Biodiversity, conservation biology,Environmental, marine and freshwater biology,Geochemistry, crystal chemistry, isotope geochemistry,Environmental biotechnology, bioremediation, biodegradation,Aquaculture, fisheries,Population biology, population dynamics, population genetics, Physical oceanography , Oceanography including physical oceanography, marine biology, biodiversity, marine chemistry, modeling

Chantal Abergel

Aix-Marseille University - Information Génomique et Structurale UMR7256
Scientific area : Life Sciences (LIF)
Expertise : Virology,Structural biology (e.g. crystallography, EM, NMR, PET),Bioinformatics,Chromosome structure organisation and dynamics,Transcriptomics,Morphology and functional imaging of cells,Carbohydrate synthesis, modification and turnover, DNA packaging in giant viruses and genome organization, complex cross-talk between host, giant virus, virophage and transpoviron studied by transcriptomics and microscopy (EM, fluorescence). Giant virus isolation and charaterization (genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics, electron and fluorescence microscopy).
Structural biology of selected giant viruses proteins.

Anne Mailloux, directrice

Aix-Marseille University - LA3M Laboratoire d'Archéologie médiévale et moderne en Méditerranée - UMR 7298
Scientific area : Social Sciences and Humanities (SOC) / Environmental and Geosciences (ENV)
Expertise : Kinship, cultural dimensions of classification and cognition, identity, Myth, ritual, symbolic representations, religious studies, Qualitative methods, ethnography, case studies, Rural population, agriculture, innovation, depopulation, Urban sociology, urban theory, urban studies, global cities, territorialisation, Human, economic and social geography, Regional and territorial politics, Cultural memory, intangible cultural heritage, Cultural studies, cultural diversity, History of art and architecture, arts-based research, History of art criticism, History of books, codicology, History of collections, Library and archival science, Librarianship, Museums and exhibitions, conservation and restoration, Medieval literature, Textual philology, palaeography and epigraphy, Classical archaeology and art, history of archaeology, Cultural heritage, cultural memory, Cultural history, History of collective identities and memories, Early and modern archaeology, General archaeology, archaeometry, landscape archaeology, Historiography, theory and methods in history, including the analysis of digital data, History of ideas, intellectual history, history of science, techniques and technologies, Industrial archaeology, Medieval history, Military history, Modern and contemporary archaeology, Numismatics, epigraphy, Social, economic, cultural and political history

Frédéric Rouvière

Aix-Marseille University - Faculté de droit / laboratoire de théorie du droit
Scientific area : Social Sciences and Humanities (SOC)
Expertise : Legal systems, constitutions, foundations of law

Johannes Ziegler

Aix-Marseille University - Laboratoire de Psychologie Cognitive
Scientific area : Life Sciences (LIF)
Expertise : Social Neuroscioence, Comparative Cognition, Primatology,

Johannes Ziegler

Aix-Marseille University - Institute for Language, Communication and the Brain (ILCB)
Scientific area : Life Sciences (LIF)
Expertise : Language and Communication

Claudio Milanesi

Aix-Marseille University - UFR ALLSH/CAER Centre Aixois d'Études Romanes
Scientific area : Social Sciences and Humanities (SOC)
Expertise :

Sophie Saffi

Aix-Marseille University - Faculty : ALLSH / Research Unit : Aix Center for Roman Studies, CAER
Scientific area : Social Sciences and Humanities (SOC)
Expertise : Linguistique italienne et romane, corpus de bandes dessinées, corpus oraux, étude de la spatialité, étude de la gestuelle, phonologie et submorphologie, psychomécanique du langage, intercompréhension des langues romanes, traduction de bandes dessinées

Emmanuel BOTTE

Aix-Marseille University - Centre Camille Jullian (UMR 7299)
Scientific area : Social Sciences and Humanities (SOC)
Expertise : Classical archaeology and art, history of archaeology, Ancient history, General archaeology, archaeometry, landscape archaeology, Classics, ancient Greek and Latin literature and art, Textual philology, palaeography and epigraphy Maritime and Nautical Archaeology , Management of water in ancient civilizations

Tom Lenaerts

Université libre de Bruxelles - Sciences/Machine Learning group
Scientific area : Information Science and Engineering (ENG)
Expertise : Artificial intelligence, intelligent systems, multi agent systems, (Evolutionary) game theory,
Machine learning, data mining, statistical data processing and applications, big data analytics, causal inference and
forecasting, Bioinformatics, computational biology, e-Health, medical informatics, Numerical analysis, simulation,
optimisation, modelling tools, Evolutionary computing, biologically-inspired computing, Human computer
interaction, computational social science and behavioural economic experiments