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Bruno Luciano

Bruno Theodoro Luciano is a political scientist and International Relations scholar. His postdoctoral research at the Université libre de Bruxelles will focus on the political developments of the European Union-Latin America and Caribbean relations, examining their inter-governmental and inter-parliamentary dimensions.

Anna Delle Foglie

Anna Delle Foglie is an art historian specialising in 15th century Italian art. She obtained her PhD from Sapienza Università di Roma. Her research focuses on Late Gothic painting in Lombardy and Naples, the Early Renaissance, model book drawings and the history of illumination.

Anael Ben-Asher

Anael Ben-Asher is a postdoctoral researcher at the Autonomous University of Madrid. She obtained her Ph.D. from the Technion in Haifa, Israel in 2021. Her research interests are non-Hermitian formalism of quantum mechanics, quantum light-matter interactions, and molecular physics.

Susanne Abou Ghaida

Susanne Abou Ghaida has a PhD in Education from the University of Glasgow, and specializes in Arabic children's and adolescent literature. Her current research is on the Al-Shayateen Al-13 (The 13 Devils), the Arab espionage fiction series for adolescents published between 1974 and 2008.

Armelle Girinon

Armelle Girinon studies Italian history and literature (19th and 20th-century). Her doctoral research focused on travel narratives and on the apprehension and construction of otherness. She works now on the oral history of peasant women and on the writing of their life stories.

Yael Dansac

Yael Dansac has a PhD in Social Anthropology and Ethnology by the EHESS Paris. She studies ritual creativity and ritual design in alternative spiritual practices held at megalithic sites. She co-edited the book “Relating with More-than-Humans. Interbeing Rituality in a Living World” (Springer, 2022).

Barış Ahmet Yörümez

Barış A.Yörümez is a historian of socialist movements in the twentieth century. His post-doctoral research focuses on the “socio-emotions” history of democratic socialist movements that emerged across the countries of East-Central Europe and the Global South between 1956 and 1980.

Manuel López Forjas

Manuel López Forjas holds a Ph.D. in Hispanic Studies from the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, where he has been a postdoctoral researcher (2020-2022). His specializes on Spanish and Latin American philosophical and cultural thought, literature, and history.

María Jesús Cabrera-Afonso

María Jesús Cabrera Afonso started to study new photoredox transformation to access new chemical space, and she is currently interested in the possible application of nanoparticles in this field.

Saimir Shpuza

Saimir Shpuza is a classical archaeologist working on the ancient territory of Illyria. His main ongoing project on the Nymphaion of Apollonia and the Bitumen in the Mediterranean combine interdisciplinary approaches such as: landscape and religious archaeology, ancient mining techniques, and environmental studies.

Radka Koncitikova

Radka Koncitikova  has a Ph.D. in plant biochemistry by the Palacky University Olomouc, Czechia. During a postdoc in France she discovered the fungal phytopathogens universe (ISM2-CNRS lab). and is now studying protein-protein interactions related to pathogenicity (BBF-INRAE Lab).

Marina Covolan

Marina Covolan is a classical archaeologist, specialised in Roman architecture. Her work concerns the Campania region, particularly the cities and territory of Abellinum, Pompeii and Cumae. Marina's work deeply links archaeological methodologies with environmental sciences (e.g., geomorphology, geology, archaeoseismology).

Elena Cappello

As a political anthropologist, Elena Capello uses ethnographic research to analyse emerging political issues in Europe: Activism, public participation and the redefinition of citizenship, eco-socialist movements and the environment, and political relationships with the land. Her latest research focuses on local opposition to European public policies about ecological transitions and local demands for energy democracy.

Edouardos Loukopoulos

Edouardos Loukopoulos is an inorganic chemist working as a postdoctoral researcher at the Autonomous University of Madrid. His current research focuses on the development and application of chemically tailored porous materials for the optimal capture of persistent anthropogenic water pollutants.

Luca Volpi

Luca Volpi is an archaeologist of Western Asia specialised in material culture studies, with active collaborations in Iraq, Türkiye, and in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. Luca holds a Ph.D. from Sapienza Università di Roma. His current project focuses on the conservation and restoration practices of archaeological earthen architectures in Western Asia.

Giustino De Michele

Giustino De Michele holds a PhD in Philosophy. After devoting his doctoral dissertation to the problem of animality in the thought of deconstruction, he currently explores the articulation of deconstruction, economy, and economics.

Andreia Rodrigues

Andreia Rodrigues holds a PhD in Ecotoxicology and Environmental Biology and has been researching aquatic organisms' response to stress. Her postdoc at Aix Marseille University focuses on mercury-selenium interactions in hydrothermal vent marine life, merging biogeochemistry and biology for food safety insights.

Elia Figueroa

Elia Romera-Figueroa, a Duke University Ph.D., is a postdoctoral researcher at Autonomous
University of Madrid. She studies 20th and 21st century Iberian cultural studies, with expertise in
female singer-songwriters, gender and sexuality, social movements, (post)memory, global LatinX
studies, music, and performance.

Antonio Michele Miti

Antonio Michele Miti is a mathematician working on symplectic geometry and higher structures. His postdoctoral project focuses on the notion of observable quantities in multisymplectic geometry, investigating applications to the study of symmetries of Lagrangian field theories and their numerical integration.

Ruth H. Tichauer

Ruth H. Tichauer holds a Ph.D. in Computational Structural Biology, Paul Sabatier University, France (2019). Ruth then joined the Jyväskylä University, Finland, to work on light-matter interactions at the atomic scale. Her research focusses on the development of computational methods to investigate organic materials’ properties when subjected to electromagnetic fields.

Davide Reato

Davide Reato has a background in biomedical engineering and neuroscience, thanks to his previous work in the US and Portugal. His current research goal is to elucidate the mechanisms by which electricity can be used to alter brain activity.

Felipe Zapata Abellán

Felipe Zapata Abellán holds a PhD in Theoretical Chemistry from Sorbonne Université, France (2019). After his postdoctoral stay at Lund University, Sweden (2019-2022), his current research is focused on molecular core-level photoionization timedelays explored by two-photon interferometric techniques.

Sadia Agsous-Bienstein

Sadia Agsous-Bienstein is a researcher in cultural studies with a focus on the Arab world, Israel, and Arab-Jewish relations. Her research at Université libre de Bruxelles will focus on the engagement of Arab intellectuals active in the cultural field against antisemitism. 

Daria Dyakonova

Daria Dyakonova

Houman Alimoradi

Houman Alimaradi

Gonzalo Oteo

Gonzalo Oteo García is an archaeogeneticist that uses ancient DNA to study the past. His research is focused towards understanding how populations change over time, how they relate to the world we see today or why they went extinct.

Christian Mazet

Christian Mazet is a classical archaeologist, historian of archaeology and specialist in the reception of antiquity. Christian's current major aim is reassessing southern Etruscan material culture into the broader Mediterranean exchange networks during the Archaic and Classical periods.

Sumesh Sasidharan

Sumesh Sasidharan

Ana Devic

Ana Devic

Pol Sopeña

Pol Sopeña has devoted his research to laser processing methods. During his doctorate in the University of Barcelona he worked on laser-induced forward transfer for printed electronics applications to later focus his post-doc on ultrafast laser micromachining in the laboratory LP3 (AMU/CNRS). He is currently a researcher at the CNRS. 

Armand Bernou

Armand Bernou was a postdoctoral researcher at Sapienza Università di Roma, Italy. His research focuses on understanding the influence of microscopic structures on macroscopic behaviors in mathematical models for physics and biology. Armand is now an Associate Professor (Maitre de conférences) at the Université Lyon 1 in France.

Ahmad Allahbakhsh

Ahmad Allahbakhsh received his Ph.D. in Polymer Engineering from Tabrbiat Modares University. He was a Fellow at the Université libre de Bruxelles' BioMatter research unit, where he worked on the development of graphene quantum dots-based engineered living biomaterials. He is currently an Assistant Professor at Hakim Sabzevari University (HSU) in Iran.

Ruben Seoane


Rubén Seoane is a researcher on condensed matter physics. His research objectives are to understand the new physical phenomena emerging at the nanoscale and to design quantum devices for applications. Rubén is now a junior group leader, under the prestigious Madrid Talento fellowship, at Universidad Autonoma de Madrid, in Spain.