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Find an advisor

The advisors must be selected among the 4 recruiting universities, AMU, UAM, SUR and ULB. Co-advisors must be selected among the 10 universities listed on the Partner Universities section (recruiting universities + associated universities).

It is not mandatory to select an advisor from this database; this search tool is meant as an assistance to candidates, but you may contact potential advisors from the four recruiting universities who are not on this list. Please visit the research centers links.

Note that for AMU and ULB, only one contact person per research institute is listed, who will assist you in finding a supervisor that matches your research subject. Use the CIVIS3i contact form to request assistance.

When contacting a potential advisor, CIVIS3i recommends that you present yourself, attach your CV including links to your online academic profiles (which should be updated), indicate what is the reason for your contact, the fellowship programme name (mention it is a Horizon 2020 Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions COFUND programme) and website, your tentative title and an abstract if you have one ready, and why do you think this researcher is the best fit for your project. Add also what is required from the advisor (eg, contribution to the proposal preparation, typical postdoctoral supervision, duties during the fellowship such as progress reports, etc). You may indicate that if this researcher is currently not available to supervise you, you’d be grateful if she/he could recommended colleagues suitable to supervise your research. Kindly ask for a reply and indicate the maximum reply date ("please kindly reply by XXX"). Please translate the email into the language of the country (eg, French if you are contacting a researcher from AMU) and include also the English text at the end of the message.


Aix-Marseille University - Center for Studies and Research in the History of Ideas and Political Institutions, FDSP - UR 2186 CERHIIP
Scientific area : Social Sciences and Humanities (SOC)
Expertise :

Marie-Noëlle Rosso

Aix-Marseille University - INRAE - Polytech, Fungal Biodiversity and Biotechnology (BBF)
Scientific area : Life Sciences (LIF)
Expertise : Mycology, Microbiology, Biodiversity, Fungi, Microbial Communities, Consortia, Genomics, functional
genomics, Transcriptomics, Secretomics, Evolution, Adaptation, Enzymology, Structural Biology, Recombinant
Proteins, Protein Structure-Function, Bioeconomy, Circular economy, Plant Biomass, Plant waste, Wood Decay, Plant
Cell Wall, Polysaccharide, Polymers, Artificial Polymers, Aromatics, Pollutants, CAZymes, Auxiliary Enzymes,

James Sturgis

Aix-Marseille University - Macromolecular systems engineering laboratory, Sciences/LISM
Scientific area : Life Sciences (LIF)
Expertise : Biophysics (e.g. transport mechanisms, bioenergetics, fluorescence), Molecular interactions, Lipid synthesis, modification and turnover, Structural biology (e.g. crystallography, EM, NMR, PET), Genomics and functional genomics, Bacteriology, Microbiology,

Evelyne bouteyre

Aix-Marseille University - Laboratory of Clinical Psychology, Psychopathology and Psychoanalysis, LPCPP
Scientific area : Social Sciences and Humanities (SOC)
Expertise : Clinical psychology

Bruno Lombard

Aix-Marseille University - Laboratoire de Mécanique et d'Acoustique LMA
Scientific area : Physics (PHY) / Mathematics (MAT) / Information Science and Engineering (ENG)
Expertise : Mathematics in Engineering and other Applied Sciences, Numerical analysis and scientific computing,Computational Physics, Condensed matter, mechanical and acoustical properties, lattice dynamics, Structure of solids and liquids, Acoustics, Mesoscopic physics, Statistical mechanics (condensed matter) coupled mutliphysics in mechanical engineering,

Axelle Brodiez-Dolino

Aix-Marseille University - Centre Norbert Elias, CNE
Scientific area : Social Sciences and Humanities (SOC)
Expertise :

Luigi Santocanale

Aix-Marseille University - Laboratoire d'Informatique et Systèmes LIS
Scientific area : Information Science and Engineering (ENG) / Mathematics (MAT)
Expertise : Algorithms, distributed, parallel and network algorithms, algorithmic game theory, Artificial intelligence, intelligent systems, multi agent systems, Bioinformatics, e-Health, medical informatics, Complexity and cryptography, electronic security, privacy, biometrics, Cognitive modelling, cognitive engineering, cognitive sciences, Theorem proving, symbolic, algebraic computations, Computer graphics, computer vision, multimedia, computer games, Parallel/distributed systems, GPGPU, grid, cloud processing systems, Machine learning, data mining, statistical data processing and applications, Theoretical computer science, formal methods, Quantum computing, DNA computing, photonic computingAlgorithms and complexity, Category theory and algebraic structures, Combinatorics, Graph Theory, Mathematical logic and set theory,

Anne Dunan-Page

Aix-Marseille University - Laboratoire d'Etudes et de Recherche sur le Monde Anglophone (British history and literature)
Scientific area : Social Sciences and Humanities (SOC)
Expertise :

ARNOUX Pierre Jean

Aix-Marseille University - Faculty of Medicine / Laboratoire de Biomécanique Appliquée LBA
Scientific area : Life Sciences (LIF) / Information Science and Engineering (ENG)
Expertise : Numerical analysis, simulation, optimisation, modelling tools,Medical engineering and technology, Biomechanics


Aix-Marseille University - Mediterranean Institute of Neurobiology, INMED - INSERM UMR1249
Scientific area : Life Sciences (LIF)
Expertise : Computational biology, In vitro cell and tissue imaging, In vivo bio and medical imaging, Neural development and neuroplasticity, Molecular and cellular neuroscience, Neurological disorders (e.g. Alzheimers disease, Huntingtons disease, Parkinsons disease), Neuroanatomy and excitability, Neuroimaging and computational neuroscience, Cognitive neuroscience (e.g. learning, memory, emotions, consciousness), Behavioural neuroscience (e.g. sleep, rhythms, speech, handedness), Neuroimmunology