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Q&A - Ask us anything about CIVIS3i Second Call!

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Extra session on Thursday 20 October between 14h-15h CET - Don't miss it!

Session of Tuesday 20 September moved to Wednesday 21 September at 10h30!


Following the huge success of the First Call's live Q&A sessions, we're delighted to announce that our Second Call will also be supporting applicants with live Q&A sessions every Tuesday morning at 10:30-12h CET via video conference. The sessions will be recorded.

Please check the meeting links and access codes below.

The Q&A – Questions and Answers sessions are intended mainly for applicants, and aim to provide a face-to-face time for specific questions and doubts about the application process of CIVIS3i, guidelines, rules, templates, submission form etc. There is no registration; you are free to connect whenever you want and you do not have to stay online for the whole session.

Please read the Guidelines for Applicants, the Proposal Template, the Guidelines for Evaluators, and the FAQ section, all available on the CIVIS3i website

The CIVIS3i team is looking forward to seeing you there!


CIVIS3i's Weekly Q&A Call 2 - Tuesday 10:30-12h CET…

Meeting ID: 843 0240 6307

Passcode: 707044


Disclaimer: By participating in this event you accept that your personal data (image and/or name) may be used for reporting purposes, for instance, screenshots of the online meeting may be used for internal reports.