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Mid term meeting with the Research Executive Agency in Marseille

The mid-term meeting of CIVIS3i will take place in sunny Marseille, on 14 September 2023. The purpose of this meeting is to provide a comprehensive overview of the progress made during the programme's first reporting period and to facilitate constructive interactions among our community of scholars, researchers, and the Research Executive Agency. Over the course of the meeting, our 16 appointed researchers will have the opportunity to present their project advancements and share their career aspirations. Participants in the project, including staff, must attend this closed meeting (by invitation only). It will be held in person, and it will be possible to attend the meeting online. 

The First Call Laureates' project profiles can be found here. CIVIS3i thanks them and their advisors for the engagement and dedication to the success of CIVIS3i. We look forward to productive discussions and collaborative endeavours as we collectively strive for academic and research excellence.

Organising Committee

Coordinator: Dr. Stefan Enoch

Programme Manager: Dr. Joana Boavida