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CIVIS3i programme welcomes first 16 postdoctoral fellows

On 27 January this first group of fellows was formally welcomed at the CIVIS3i General Assembly, hosted by Aix-Marseille Université (AMU). Stefan Enoch, AMU's Deputy Vice-Rector for Science and Technology and CIVIS3i Coordinator, congratulated the 16 fellows selected from the first call for the start of their excellent research projects.

The meeting, which took place in a blended format, gathered the CIVIS3i Executive Board and was open to the whole scientific community. This Assembly was a chance to reflect and examine the challenges we experienced when running the first call for applicants to our postdoctoral fellowship. Happily, we could also confirm the progress made in recent months as we launched a second call.

CIVIS3i has continued to reinforce its initiatives to promote outstanding research, international mobility and intersectoral collaboration among the researchers of its member universities and socio-economic partners. We provided extensive support to prospective applicants during both the first and second calls, with numerous online events reaching hundreds of researchers worldwide. The research we are now funding spans all fields of science, from physics, mathematics, chemistry and biotechnology to political science, literature, art history and more. In addition to the research projects already underway, another 16 postdoctoral projects will soon be selected from the applications in the second and final CIVIS3i call.

Executive Board

A meeting wals held with the CIVIS3i Executive Board, made up of the vice rectors and representatives from each partner university - Aix Marseille University, Université libre de Bruxelles, Sapienza Università di Roma and Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. The function of this Board is to ensure the good progress of the CIVIS3i programme and activities, and to provide recommendations.

The First Call Fellows

After the General Assembly meetings, a meeting of the First Call Fellows from Aix Marseille University was held with the programme coordinator, a management representative and local career advisor. The objective of this meeting was to welcome fellows at AMU, to guide researchers through administrative procedures and support them in their career path, as well as their project activities and timeline, as well as their plans for their future career.

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