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Find an advisor

The advisors must be selected among the 4 recruiting universities, AMU, UAM, SUR and ULB. Co-advisors must be selected among the 10 universities listed on the Partner Universities section (recruiting universities + associated universities).

It is not mandatory to select an advisor from this database; this search tool is meant as an assistance to candidates, but you may contact potential advisors from the four recruiting universities who are not on this list. Please visit the research centers links.

Note that for AMU and ULB, only one contact person per research institute is listed, who will assist you in finding a supervisor that matches your research subject. Use the CIVIS3i contact form to request assistance.

When contacting a potential advisor, CIVIS3i recommends that you present yourself, attach your CV including links to your online academic profiles (which should be updated), indicate what is the reason for your contact, the fellowship programme name (mention it is a Horizon 2020 Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions COFUND programme) and website, your tentative title and an abstract if you have one ready, and why do you think this researcher is the best fit for your project. Add also what is required from the advisor (eg, contribution to the proposal preparation, typical postdoctoral supervision, duties during the fellowship such as progress reports, etc). You may indicate that if this researcher is currently not available to supervise you, you’d be grateful if she/he could recommended colleagues suitable to supervise your research. Kindly ask for a reply and indicate the maximum reply date ("please kindly reply by XXX"). Please translate the email into the language of the country (eg, French if you are contacting a researcher from AMU) and include also the English text at the end of the message.

Bruno Premoselli

Université libre de Bruxelles - Faculté des Sciences
Scientific area : Mathematics (MAT)
Expertise : Partial Differential Equations,Differential Geometry Geometric Analysis, Nonlinear Analysis, Elliptic partial differential Equations, Fluid-Structure interactions

Glenn Barnich

Université libre de Bruxelles - Faculty of Sciences
Scientific area : Mathematics (MAT) / Physics (PHY)
Expertise : Mathematical aspects of Physics Fundamental interactions and fields,Quantum field theory general relativity, black holes ,'Theoretical and Mathematical Physics

Eric Bellefroid

Université libre de Bruxelles - Sciences
Scientific area : Life Sciences (LIF)
Expertise : Mechanisms of pain,Epigenetics and gene regulation,Neural development and neuroplasticity,Developmental biology and technology,Molecular and cellular neuroscience

Axel Cleeremans

Université libre de Bruxelles - Faculty of Psychological Sciences and Education
Scientific area : Life Sciences (LIF) / Social Sciences and Humanities (SOC)
Expertise : Evolution of mind and cognitive functions, animal communication,Cognitive psychology: learning, cognition Cognitive neuroscience (e.g. learning, memory, emotions, consciousness),Neuroimaging and computational neuroscience ice-ocean, ice-earth interactions' Consciousness, Cognition & Computation Group / Center for Research in Cognition & Neurosciences

Frank Pattyn

Université libre de Bruxelles - Facuty of Sciences/Laboratoire de Glaciologie
Scientific area : Environmental and Geosciences (ENV)
Expertise : Cryosphere, dynamics of snow and ice cover, sea ice, permafrost and ice sheets,Biogeochemistry, biogeochemical cycles,Climatology and climate change ice-ocean, ice-earth interactions

Adoracion Gomez Quiroga

Universidad Autónoma de Madrid - Facultad de ciencias
Scientific area : Life Sciences (LIF) / Chemistry (CHE)
Expertise : Inorganic chemistry, Bioinorganic chemistry, Coordination chemistry, Organometallic chemistry, Ageing

Luisa Martín Rojo

Universidad Autónoma de Madrid - Multilingualism, Discourse and Communication International Research Center (MIRCo)& Department of Linguistics
Scientific area : Social Sciences and Humanities (SOC)
Expertise : Use of language: pragmatics, sociolinguistics, discourse analysis, second language teaching and learning, lexicography, terminology, Qualitative methods, ethnography, case studies, Cultural studies, cultural diversity, Social communication, verbal and non verbal communication, Social integration, exclusion, inequalities, participation and prosocial behaviour, Migration, refugees, asylum, interethnic relations, conflicts and integration of migrants

Alicia Gonzalez-Martin

Universidad Autónoma de Madrid - Medicine
Scientific area : Life Sciences (LIF)
Expertise : Immunological memory and tolerance, Immunotherapy (vaccine discovery, genetic vaccines), Genome editing, Autoimmune diseases

Juan José Nogueira Pérez

Universidad Autónoma de Madrid - Faculty of Science, Department of Chemistry
Scientific area : Chemistry (CHE)
Expertise : Theoretical and computational chemistry, Molecular dynamics, Quantum chemistry, Photochemistry, Physical chemistry of biological systems, Biological chemistry, biochemistry, Targeted drug delivery/discovery

Marta Casla Soler

Universidad Autónoma de Madrid - Facultad de Psicología
Scientific area : Social Sciences and Humanities (SOC)
Expertise : Development studies, Development across the life-span and developmental psychopathology, Psycholinguistics: acquisition, comprehension, production, Early education and care